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Huntingdonshire Open Data

Huntingdonshire District Council is committed to making as much of the non-personal data that it holds as possible freely available to the public and other organisations. The data that is available so far is listed below along with the format in which it is being supplied. There is more information about file formats below.


Unless otherwise indicated the data below is released under the Open Government Licence

Please note that although we will aim for stability, we reserve the right to change the format of the data that we supply.

How are you using our data?

We would be interested to hear about how our data is being used. This will help us to improve the service and we may feature outstanding applications by linking to them from this website. As we reserve the right to change the format in which we make our data available, we will also be able to contact anyone that we know may be affected by such changes. Email us at

Open Data API

We have APIs for the following datasets

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